6 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder


Our 6 sheet cross cut shredder is suitable for the home and light office use. The shredding machine is rated at DIN 3 security cross cutting A4 paper into 4 x 35mm strips, suitable for confidential documents. As well as paper the shredder also takes CD’s and credit cards. We have specified our shredder to use high quality metal gears and toughened cutting blades to ensure consistent shredding for up to 5 minutes or continuous use. The shredder does feature a safety cut off incase the shredder overheats, once it cools it will resume normal operation. The shredder has three settings, OFF, Auto and Reverse, Auto means the shredder is on ready to work, insert your paper into the slot and it will automatically shredder the paper and stop once it has cleared the pass. If a paper jam does occur you can use the reverse feature to retrieve the documents and shred again.

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